Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moving Sale Poster

For my typography class this week we are supposed to create a poster using type that was not created using the computer.  I was about to recycle some packaging peanuts when inspiration stuck me.  Below is my final poster.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Business Cards

I ordered more business cards and they came in the mail today!
I feel that they truly express who I am with the rounded corners, many patterns, and orange back.  I got them from and they are amazing.  The quality of the paper is high and the printing is great as well.  I love how I can choose many designs on the back.  E-mail me if you're interested in a coupon for 10% off! 

Patterns for Exhibit Design

I am in the midst of creating an exhibit design for children about undersea archaeology.  The exhibit is a grouping of panels with information and interactive elements on it.  For the panels I wanted to create some pattens for the background.  Each pattern relates to a different part of the exhibit.  The wood is for the panel that tells about shipwrecks. The water pattern is for the main part of the exhibit which tells about discovery of sunken ships, submarines, and excavation.  Finally, the rock pattern is used on the panels that discuss artifacts and ecosystems.  I will be working on the graphic design of these panels in the next few weeks.  I can't wait to show you when it's complete!


Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Here is some work from my typography class. I have always wanted to take a graphic design class and have been learning so much about fonts, layout, hierarchy, and more!  Learning about these things will help with my overall design work, but I can also see overlap into my illustration work because I am learning about composition and color.

An exercise exploring color with type

Poster inspired by old typeshop prints

Parking ticket design

Monday, April 2, 2012

"Hello My Name is" Senior Show

Here are the photos from my senior show "Hello My Name is". The opening was an amazing night being a culmination of all my efforts at RISD.  It was so great to celebrate this exciting moment and share it with eight of my friends!

My corner

Surface design wall

Product design and illustration wall

Goggles mock up

People looking at my work

Me with my work.  Photo courtesy of Mark Mooney.

These are photos of everyone in the show.

The whole group together!  We did it!