Friday, October 31, 2014

PiBoIdMo - Picture Book Idea Month!

I just signed up for Picture Book Idea Month (or PiBoIdMo for short).

PiBoIdMo is where you brainstorm an idea for a picture book every day for 30 days in November.  
All the information is found on Tara Lazar's Blog .

The challenge is really easy and is based on the honor system.  It is completely free and there are wonderful prizes and daily guest bloggers from amazing people in the picture book industry.

Registration closes November 7th 2014 - so sign up today!
I'm excited to brainstorm new ideas for more picture books!  I hope you will join me!

If you listen to Katie Davis' podcast (previously mentioned here) on 10/31/2014 (episode 201) you can hear an interview about how PiBoIdMo got started. You can check out Katie's blog post about this podcast episode here.

New Tool and More New Podcasts!

Hi Everyone!
A while ago I recently shared my favorite tools and podcasts, but recently I have found some more!

I have a new tool to share that I have found very helpful for creating photo collages for Twitter and Facebook headers (and more!).

The tool is called PicMonkey.  It is a very easy tool to use and you can set up photo collages in any dimension with ease.  PicMonkey also has other great photo editing tools - most of which are free!!

I also have a few new favorite podcasts to share:

I know I have already shared the Fresh Rag Show as one of my favorite podcasts, but the URL and subscription link has recently changed.  Here is the new link!

Another favorite podcast is Adventures in Design.  Which is NSFW due to language - but it is very entertaining and filled with great information about design and how designers work.  The show is daily- which is crazy considering how much time and effort is put into the show.  

My most recent podcast find is the Children's Book Podcast made by The Guardian.  It is based in the UK and is very short, usually giving snippets of particular books.  It is always a very interesting, quick listening experience. 

Do you have any other favorite tools or podcasts?  I'd love to hear about them!