Sunday, July 31, 2011

RA T-Shirt Design Contest Entry

My school had a t-shirt design contest for the RA (Resident Assistant) t-shirts for the staff to wear on move in day this fall.  The theme of this year is Harry Potter.  I decided to mix RISD ideas and Harry Potter ideas since going to RISD sometimes feels like a magical world.  Here is my entry for the contest.

This is the front design I made.  
It is based off of the Hogwarts crest, but with the symbols that represent the four areas of the freshman quad: the Homer shield, the Nickerson narwhal, the South squirrel, and the East beast.

This is the back design I made.  
My friend suggested something really bold so I decided to fill in a lightning bolt with imagery.  I chose Carr Haus (our student run café that also has important school offices) on top of college hill, which sometimes feels like a cliff.  I added an owl because receiving the acceptance letter to RISD was magical (which is what I think it would feel like to be accepted into Hogwarts).

Below are the ideas I submitted for placement and color choices. 

I hope they pick my design!  I worked really hard on it! 


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