Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Society6 Products Review

I have ordered quite a few items from Society6 and want to share my opinions about their products.

So far I have ordered a canvas bag, a mug, a phone case, and a shirt.  Here are my photos and more information about each product.

This bag is so much larger than I was expecting!  I didn't fathom how large 18" x 18" is when I ordered it.  I can fit so much in here and think it's a good size for shopping or groceries.  It's a great bag with quality printing but some of the super small text on the bag turned out a bit fuzzier than I thought it would.  It is super sturdy and I love that it is washable.  My friends were impressed with the quality as well.  This design is available here.

This mug is great!  I love that the image goes from the top to the bottom of the mug with hardly any border.  The image is super crisp as well.  Others have commented that the print job is very good.  The size is very good and it holds a sizable amount of liquid.  My only complaint is that the first mug I received arrived completely broken.  I contacted Society6's customer support and a new one was sent to me at no charge.  This design is available here.

I love my phone case!  The colors are super vibrant and exactly match my pattern.  The case also protects my phone.  I have dropped it a few times from waist level and my phone has been protected (it has always landed on a corner). The only thing I was slightly disappointed about is that on the sides of the case the image seems to be stretched a bit (but I think that is due to the manufacturing process).  I'm still very happy with my case and hope to order another one in one of my patterns soon.  This design is available here.

I love my shirt!  The design turned out just exactly how I wanted it to.  I love how large I could have the image on the shirt.  The detail in the print quality is really crisp and slightly raised above the shirt.  This shirt is also super comfortable. This design is available here.

I hope to review more Society6 items in the future. 

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