Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014 Terrarium Wall Art


You might remember that last year I entered Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search, and I decided to enter again this year.

You can see my piece last year by visiting my previous blog post here.  It's amazing to see how much my art has improved in only one year!

It is fun for me to compare my two pieces because they both feel very much like my style, but I can tell that the one on the right is much more polished and professional looking.

This year's prompt for the Global Talent Search was terrarium themed wall art.  This was a fun prompt and I enjoyed sketching, painting, and digital editing.

Here are a few of my initial sketches:

After finalizing my idea and composition I moved onto some color studies:

The color studies took a long time to do, but it was worth it to not have to worry about color later.

Next I sketched my design onto a gessoed board and painted the under layer using acrylics.

My paint palette

Then I scanned my painting and made the finishing touches in Photoshop. 

Here is my entry

I learned so much while creating this assignment and had fun as well!  I really pushed myself and I am very happy with the finished piece.  I hope it brings a smile to your face!

Congratulations to all who entered and best of luck to the top 50 with finishing their next assignment!
The top 50 can be viewed here.

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