Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More Great Podcasts

I have written about some of my favorite podcasts here, here, and here, but as always new and exciting podcasts are being created (or I find out about them).

Some of my recent favorite podcasts include:

The Best Book Ever This Week
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This fun podcast is by Matthew Winner of the Let's Get Busy Podcast. Every week he receives books from publishers to review and he goes over a number of new books in the podcast and shares his favorite for the week. The podcast is short and simple, which is a refreshing listen between longer podcasts.

Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote as Kids
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This podcast is a reminder of storytelling and the mindset of children. Where else are you going to learn the rules for rock collecting? Or hear poems about skydivers who 'go splat'? While the pieces that are read can be a bit older and some are from the teenage years and NSFW the overall theme is storytelling from the eyes of the young. It's a very fun listen.

Storybook Spotlight
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Storybook Spotlight is made by Karan Santhanam. In every episode she interviews an author or illustrator of a picture book. It's a nice, light hearted and insightful podcast on some of the best picture books.

Stories Unbound
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This podcast is presented by the Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling. Shawna JC Tenney is the host and interviews many people in the children's book industry. This is a very insightful podcast into the process for the creation of children's books. It is more informational than entertaining and worth listening to if you are a storyteller or in the children's book industry.

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