Monday, September 5, 2016

Super Children's Book Boot Camp at the Highlight's Foundation

In July I attended the Super Children's Book Boot Camp at the Highlight's Foundation in Honesdale, PA.
Here are some photos and some highlights (had to make the joke) of my time at the workshop.

Our trip started with a tour of the Highlights building.

Then we had a tour of Boyds Mills Press.

This was my cute little cabin for the weekend. A whole cabin for myself! So cute!

The dining hall/'barn' is absolutely beautiful.

My manuscript and dummy actively being critiqued.

The weekend was focused primarily on honing our stories and dummies to present to an art director, editor, and agent.

There were 20 participants and we were divided into four groups with one faculty as our leader. The faculty for my workshop was Pat Cummings, Denise Fleming, Steve Light, and Floyd Cooper.
Floyd Cooper was my faculty mentor. In our groups read each others stories and dummies and gave feedback. We each had a good chunk of time each (which was wonderful!). We also had time to individually meet with the other faculty to show them our project as well as our portfolios or other work. This was all in preparation for making our presentation to the art director, editor, and agent the best it could be.

We also had mini workshops that covered different topics that were given by the faculty. I learned valuable information that I know is already helping me move forward with my career.

On Saturday the participants took turns presenting ourselves and our projects to the art director ( Patti Ann Harris), editor (Neal Porter), and agent (Marcia Wernick). My presentation went well and I received some helpful feedback.

The food was very local, fresh, and SUPER tasty! If only I could eat here every day!

It was lovely to meet and mingle with each other during meals as well as our 'downtime' (when we could be working).

Our superstar faculty for the weekend: Pat Cummings, Steve Light, Floyd Cooper , and Pat Cummings.

We even had time for s'mores!

The beautiful lodge aka 'Barn'.

I received this in the mail a few weeks after the workshop. I'm happy I met so many wonderful people (so many great friends!). It truly was a great weekend. I learned and grew so much!
Thank you Highlights! Thank you faculty! Thank you visiting professionals!

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