Wednesday, February 15, 2012

End of Internship and More Art!

I finished my internship at DCI and learned so much!  Below is some of the work I did.  This is only just a small fraction of what I did.  I especially enjoyed working on the patterns because I am going to be studying surface design this spring.

Here is a video I made showcasing DCI's new 2012 products.
To view the video below in higher quality please visit here.

Here are some of the patterns I made for DCI.

I also am in the process of applying to GAMBIT's summer program as an artist.  GAMBIT is a place at MIT where they work with students from Singapore and the US to create unique and experimental video games.  In order to apply to be a gaming artist you need to do an art test.  Part of the test is to draw an ostrich in the style of Edward Gorey.  I love Gorey's alphabet series (view it here), so I decided to make my own version for the letter C.

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