Monday, February 27, 2012

Seeking Inspiration

This last week was the start to the new semester.  I'm really excited for my classes!  I'm taking a typography class, a class about portfolio preparation, an independent study on surface design, and an English class.

I'm really excited for my independent study because I think surface design is a great combination of my love of illustration as well as product designs.  Surface design is the industry of creating imagery to put on products whether it be a plate, a snowboard, bedding, or anything that has a physical surface.  My assignment for this week was to seek inspiration for my first collection of items I am going to design.  Part of the assignment was to go to the mall and consciously look at the surface designs on products.  This was really interesting because although I have always noticed surface design, it really amazed me to realize how much of our world is surrounded by surface designs.  This made me think that most people don't notice that someone had to design all these illustrations, patterns, and designs.

For my first collection I have decided to work with the theme of fire and sporting goods.  I made a physical inspiration board, which was new to me.  I have a Pinterest (you can follow me here), which is a virtual inspiration board, but I had never made a physical inspiration board.  This was fun and exciting and I took inspiration and ideas from everywhere.  I used physical objects as well as pictures from magazines and the internet.

My inspiration board

It's really helpful to have a bunch of visuals that are related (even loosely) right next to each other so connections can be made and inspiration can begin.  Inspiration is all around you in your life, you just need to make a conscious effort to be aware of your surroundings and experiences.  It can strike with the smallest thing, triggering an idea.

Now please excuse me, inspiration has struck and I need to go sketch.

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