Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Online Courses

I'm so excited that within the next month and a half I am taking three online courses.  These courses will each help advance me in different areas of art and business.

The first course I'm taking is Lilla Rogers' "Make Art That Sells".  There are two parts to this online class and I am taking part A which focuses on bolt fabric, home decor, children's picture books, wall art, and the gift markets.  These are all markets I'm looking forward to learning more about and how I can sell my art and help make other people happy. This is a 5 week course and will be intense with assignments.
To learn more about the course click here.

The second course I am taking is Creativebug's "Building a Creative Brand".  This course is about finding your style as a brand, business nuts and bolts, licensing artwork, publishing books, and the work/life balance.  This course will be a great addition to the other course because it focuses more on the business aspects of being an artist as well as figuring out what sets you apart from other artists.
More information about this 4 week course can be found here.

The third course I'm taking is a class through Skillshare.  It's called "The Greeting Card Business: Design and Sell Your Own Cards" and is taught by Kate Harper.  It's very fitting because I just launched my Etsy shop with greeting cards and I plan on making more. This class teaches about the greeting card business, different markets for greeting cards, writing cards, and more.  I'm excited to learn more about this business and learn how I can expand my greeting card business.  
To learn more about this class and to get $10 off this course (and any other $20 Skillshare class if it's your first course) click this link.

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