Monday, November 11, 2013

Make Art That Sells (MATS) Week 5 - Gift

This past week was all about the gift market in my Make Art That Sells (MATS) class. Our assignment was to create a hyper-lush zipper case.  The image should also be a reflection.

We were prompted this week to examine our personal collections.  I started off sketching my collections of stuffed penguins and polar bears (mostly gifts from friends).

I tried making a design with these icons for a zipper case, but it didn't seem lush enough to me.  I deccided to go along with my Hawaiian collection.  I have a bedspread, bean bag, shopping bag, and more that are Hawaiian themed.  I knew I could get hyper lush with this theme.

A picture of my Hawaiian bedspread.

This week I pushed myself also trying a few new things.  I decided to try using a limited color palette with lots of pink (a color I don't use very much).  I also added gradients in my work and decided to play around with textures as well.  It definitely was a struggle at times, but I think the final product is worth it.  I am very happy with it and grew very much this week by pushing myself.

My initial sketch

The final products


  1. Super cute Claire, love Tikis!!

  2. Beautifully done!! Stumbled across your page looking up hyperlush examples for my own MATS assignment :)


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